Friday 9 September 2011

Different type of holiday

I think I've just been on holiday again. The reason I'm not sure is because we stayed in a type of house, not a flappy one and it wasn't anyone I've been in before or any place I've been before and it was very posh.
I went with the he and she boss and we had lots of really good walks.
I nearly got into trouble, cos as usual when I go away, I was moulting and both me and the she boss forgot our brushes. It's a good job it was really windy to blow all the loose stuff out when we walked by the seaside.
This is a selection of pictures from our many walks but some of them are a bit posed. Not by me of course

I did lots of weeing on seaweed cos that's what I do and discovered I rather like the taste of the black musselly shells stuck on the rocks. It's just a shame they're stuck on so hard

I had one day of some peace and quiet to myself in the car while the he and she boss looked around some boring shops. We went in some very nice food shops as well where I attracted a lot of attention while everyone dranks cups of tea and ate cakes with jam and cream.

Me and the she boss both got a bit scared cos we thought these were big cows waiting to leap up and get us. But they didn't move. And we got closer and closer. And then they weren't scary cows at all

You can't really see this but it says I was there. On that beach. With the he and she boss. So I'm famous cos everyone could see it from all the way up on Pembroke coastal footpath. Except the sea came and washed it all away

On our way home, we saw a donkey for sale. The she boss said I hadn't got enough pocket money left for it. I'm not sure what I spent it all on. Maybe extra nice biscuits

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