Wednesday 26 October 2011

My house

ThefriendPeter came here to live with me. I think he's still living here really cos all his stuff is here like he's living and his car's outside but I can't see him anywhere.
I took him to the place with the trains and I know he went for a ride but I think he might have got lost.
Me and the she boss went for some quiet chill time over my park and had a sit together in our thinking spot. It was real nice.
While thefriendPeter has been missing, Sammy and Abimaro have been sleeping in his bed. That's been fun too. I took them to see my hills in the sunshine and, as you can see, they were really embarrassing. I'm not sure I'll take them again.

I like it when they come cos Abimaro does lots of singing and she likes me. They've gone off for a ride in the train now. I wonder if they'll find thefriendPeter?

It keeps been nice and sunny so I'm having lots of runnings around on my field as well as the long walks in nicer places.

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