Friday 23 December 2011

Paper parcels

Sam and Abimaro have come here to live. It's nice and there's lots of music. I like her singing and she brought me some special songs although none of them were called MillieDog.
I can feel a paper day coming on. There's been lots of secret rustling and there's a lot of parcels under the tree picture that the she boss put up. I hope there's one for me. I haven't noticed my name on anything yet. And yes, I can read.
I think they must have forgotten that we shut all the rooms at night and they left the room open with all the parcels. I know I'm not supposed to go in there at night and CERTAINLY not supposed to go on the comfy furniture. It was really tempting and I was scared I'd give in so I went upstairs and slept by the he boss for a little while. I went to tell him the door was open but he was snoring so didn't hear me. I went to my bed after a while as I knew I could be in just as much trouble if he found me there as I would have been if I was found on the best comfy settee.

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