Wednesday 7 March 2012


I've discovered another blogging dog! Not just any old dog but another Millie Dog. This is not THEMillieDog though, the one and only, unique, supreme, sophisticated. OK maybe that's stretching it a bit far especially as I was sick after eating rubbish today. Thank you to thefriendPeter for drawing my attention to this imposter
We keep having lots of people in my house. Some of the lady ones are afraid of me! Me! I'm very well mannered though and when I see them coming I just take myself off in the other room. To check the bin out. And upstairs to check those bins out. And in the bathroom to lick any drips up off the floor. That's English bathroom not American so no toilet in that room. I'm not that sick. Well, I was today as I've said. Probably all that rubbish last night when the scary ladies were here.
I'm a bit confused tonight as I keep hearing Sammy's voice coming out of the computer. He's doing a lot of talking and there are other people there but I can't see him or his mouth isn't on the picture.
That's a lot of links for you to check out so I better leave you to get on with it

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