Thursday 29 November 2012

Back in business

It's about time I started writing regularly again. I haven't been cos I haven't felt much like it. I haven't known whether the she boss is coming or going or going or coming half the time and it's quite upset me. She disappears for days with loads of bags then comes back a bit but I don't feel happy until she's at least put her slippers on cos you never know if she might change her mind. Anyway, today all the boxes and bags have been going back up through the hole in the roof upstairs. I think that might be where heaven is where you go when you die but I don't know why all the boxes and bags go up there as well. Perhaps it's just them that go there to die. I feel better now they've all gone and can trust that the she boss is staying around a bit now.
She's even been out in the garden with me like the old days clearing up all the leaves. At last we can see the poos for the leaves again. That's my poos, not the she bosses. Next door have been clearing leaves as well. The difference is that their garden looks like they've cleared leaves but I'm not so sure about ours. I'll send you a picture sometime soon. In the meantime here's one we took on our field in between paddling in the lake that's there again after all the rain. The she boss had to go and try out her new wellies and they worked. Plenty more walks to come through the mud then. I will say, the he boss was getting good at taking me for walks every time the she boss went off with he boxes and bags so it wasn't all bad.

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