Saturday 23 February 2013

Visitors? Maybe not

We've had a strange few days. We had a couple of people come round. Only they didn't ring the bell and make me jump like usual. They came in through the gate from my field into the garden instead. I don't think I minded but it seemed like the he boss did so I helped him chase them back into the field. He was a bit slow cos he had to put his shoes on first.
Me not wanting to come out of the car
Now I can't go on my field because the gate doesn't work any more but we had another visitor who seemed to come and see the gate instead of us and I think is going to make it all good again.
Me, not very happy at lunchtime. New boot
Meanwhile, the she boss took me instead to what were my favourite hills except I'm not so sure these days. It was very cold. So cold that the she boss took me to buy a new coat on the way home. Also, there were nasty bangs again. I knew there would be when I saw where we were going and I did try to tell the she boss I would stay in the car while she had a walk to try out her new boots but she was having none of it. Big bully. I told here it would be cold as well and lunch time was pretty miserable though she did give me a cuddle to keep me warm.
That Beth and Ed have been again with the little person. He made a lot of funny squeaky and yowling noises this time but he's OK when that Beth plugs him in to her. I don't mind him and he keeps out of my way. Not sure if he likes me yet. The she boss says it's a Bertie whatever one of those is. Just looks like a very tiny person to me.

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