Tuesday 23 April 2013

Field trip

That Beth's been here again bringing a Bertie with her. I'm beginning to think it really is the same one and so must be TheBertie. This time she came in then cleared off upstairs to bed leaving him for me to look after with the she and he boss so I took him out to show him my field. I don't think he was that impressed cos he went to sleep. He's OK though. Not bad at all for a very little person though he does make some very strange noises.
Talking about my field. Me and the she boss spent ages clearing up lots of bags and rubbish yesterday after all the windy weather we've been having. It looks a lot better now. We've decided the messiest things are the foxes who dine out there and then just leave their rubbish. The other messy ones are bosses, though I don't think they deserve that title, who bag up their dog's poo like we do but then leave the bag there! I mean, what's the point in that? Even I can see with my little brain that that doesn't make sense.

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