Tuesday 25 March 2014

Still here!!

Did you wonder where I was? It's been a real long time. We've been really busy. Mainly with The Bertie. He comes to my house lots and has even stayed all night once. He woke me up a couple of times though.
He's grown loads and is a real little person now running around my house. Me and him keep a respectful distance from each other cos I'm never sure what he might do or where he might go next. In fact, I'm quite happy to go out of his way completely to let him run round all he likes. I hate to say it, but I'm showing my age now. I've had a bit of a blip with my back legs but they seem OK now. I can't run like I used to though and can't hear or see so well. Still not bad for an old timer though. I don't always hear when TheBertie comes up on me and the way he gets about, he might fall over me so I'm better off in my bed in the sun lounge.
He's very sweet really and sometimes takes me for a walk with a bit of help. He even holds my lead and looks very proud. Well, he thinks he's holding my lead but really the she boss has got it.
She has been SO busy. I've hardly seen her much. I always wait to get pleased that she's home until she takes her shoes off cos you never know when she's going to take off again.
We keep having visitors too and sometimes I'm happier to stay in the car in the warm as it's all a bit much if there are lots of people. Not everyone likes me would you believe!!
Anyway, me and she boss have had a quiet evening in with the warm fire going. We watched this . I'm very well behaved really. It made even me realise that

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