Monday 6 August 2007

Holiday and Home

OK time to tell you about my travels in Ireland at last:
I was so chuffed when I realised they were going to take me with them and not leave me behind with Sammy who would have been out half the time. We drove a long time then into this big garagey thing which rocked around a bit and made alot of noise and banging at times. It reminded me of that thing that has the big brushes and water but it didn't do that this time and the she and he boss left me on my own. When they came back we did another REALLY long drive but then put up the tent. Yeah! My favourite
We did lots of walking which made up for yesterday. Walked in lots of woods but there were no squirrels or rabbits!
Lots more driving and lots of rain so no good walks
Had some real nice walks even though it rained. We went to a big hole in the ground where we went down loads of really steep steps. The she boss wouldn't let me off the lead cos I think she thought I might fall. Very kind. The picture doesn't really show just how deep it was. There was a river at the bottom.
I did spot a red squirrel though which I pointed out and the bosses were very excited.
Stuck in the car ALL day. BUT on beach tonight for a long time. Fantastic to feel the sand under my feet. Noisy campsite though. I didn't get much sleep
Had 2 walks on the beach within a couple hours of getting up. I love the sea. But then we went on a long journey again. It was raining for most of it so it didn't matter. Do you like the Ladies' View where we stopped to look?
We had a walk on a different beach tonight but there were some really scary cows on the way through. The she boss went to have a look over the gate at them. How can she? Doesn't she remember what they did to us before?

I thought it was about time we wrote some postcards so I sent one to Beth & Ed, Sammy & Candice and Friend Peter. I bet they won't get them from here till after we're home.We had a LOOOOONNNNNGG walk. The sun shone all day. That's what these holidays should be about. I was tired tonight

More travelling yet again but it's always exciting to put the tent up again. We had a nice look at the sea in the evening but there was no beach. The campsite was nice. There were some mini-cats to keep me entertained
Is there anywhere we haven't travelled to yet? It seems to go on for ever. And more waiting around in the car for the bosses to get back. It's a good job we make up for it with good runs after. Especially good when it's on a beach like tonight. I made some friends on this one. I didn't like the campsite though. There were some scary people walking too close to our tent and making me jump.
We went in one of those rocky garagey things again. I knew what to expect this time but it was a bit darker than last time. When the she and he boss came back they were really excited talking about dolphins they had seen. I wish I had.
We had a long drive again but stopped lots of times on beaches and fields. The best bit was that we stopped to give me dinner at my campsite in Kington and had a walk along the river. I do like it there. Then we went home
We brought some shells back with us which I liked. I got told off by the she boss though when she saw me having a taste of one of those star shaped things. It was tasty.

After we got home, I heard the he boss talking on the phone to the place i stay in the country sometimes with my mate Buzz. Apparently he went off and killed 2 lambs! I'm really sad as they had to take him to the doctor and he's in a big sleep now. He was a good friend and good fun to run with. He's been living on a farm all these years and resisted the temptation to chase any silly sheep so what made him do it now I wonder. He could have come and lived with me instead.

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