Friday 10 August 2007

Fun n games

This weather's fab innit. The really good thing about it is that the he and she boss have been around at home alot but been taking me for some good walks as well. They always seem to be doing something though. Why don't they just chill and play with me? I've got my ways of making sure they do though
Today me and the she boss had real good fun. One of my favourite things in the garden is the swingy hammock but they've been so busy, they only got round to putting it out today and then I thought it was going to be just for show.
Eventually the she boss got in it. She didn't see me coming (hehe) but I came out of nowhere and landed right in the middle of her. It was brilliant. She laughed so loud the neighbours must have wondered what was going on!
I jumped off after a bit and had one of my mad run rounds to celebrate but the hammock was right in the middle of my run so I had to keep having another jump on. What a laugh. You like the pic? That was one of the quieter moments
The other thing that happened today was that they cut all the big grass in the garden over the fence. It was very BIG, as big as me without wellies. All the frogs that must have been living in there tried to come and be my friends and live in our garden. I like frogs but I don't think I want THAT many. I like the way they jump and I can catch them. I don't hurt them but did you know they squeal when they're excited? I suppose they might be a bit frightened of me throwing them when they squeal but I'd like to think they were just excited.
I'm glad I was a whippet cross and not a greyhound but it's a close thing. I think they're really boring. They don't seem to do anything. What do you think?

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