Wednesday 3 October 2007


I've just been to help the she boss to buy some grapes. She buys other stuff as well but I'm really only interested in the grapes. She takes me to look after the car while she's in the shop and I don't know how she'd manage without me. At least she remembers to say 'Thank you' when we get back home.
It was a bit stressful tonight. Usually we've got the Archers on the radio on the way and I quite like that music at the end. There's something comforting about it. I know the world's a safe place to be. We were later tonight and she had some noisy radio station on - someone called Zane. I didn't like his taste in music. There was one with very strange noises and another loud one about taxis. "I remember what I used to". Used to what for goodness sake. It just don't make sense. I did like the one about putting on my new shoes though. Hey! Putting on shoes is always good. It might mean we're going out for a walk somewhere. Can't be too exciting if they're new shoes though. Boots are the best walks

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