Thursday 25 October 2007

Yet ANOTHER holiday .....

...... and I hadn't got a clue we were going to go. We only went for a couple of nights but we had a fab time. I recognised some of it from when I went camping with the she boss when the weather was warm but this time we took the he boss as well and stayed in someone's house. It was very nice there. Do you like the view from thewindow?

We had a fantastic walk all over a very big hill. I got right up close to some birds called grouse. I wasn't allowed to chase them or the silly white sheep but it didn'tmatter as there was plenty else to see and do. When we were right on the top, we could see for miles and it was very strange in places. The she and he boss agreed it must have been a bit like the moon must look like but I didn't really care as I could smell rabbits.

The only thing about the house that I didn't like was that there was a small boy there as well. I didn't really see him but he was bouncing a ball outside our door one time and trying to come in. That was a bit scary cos I didn't know what he might try next.
We went in a different car. I thought the he boss must have a new one as I'd seen it outside our house but hadn't been in it before. I don't like it as much as the she boss's or the old one because there isn't as much room for me by her feet and it's hard to get comfy when we're going a long way.
Have you seen these jumpers and things for dogs? We saw one at the shops when we were away. He looked stupid! Warm, but stupid. Doesn't he know how much everyone was laughing at him. Maybe when I'm old I'll be glad of something like that but now, what's wrong with a good run to keep warm?

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