Thursday 27 December 2007

Paper and other things

I was right! We've just had that day when there's loads of paper for me to eat. They didn't let me eat that much that I got tummy ache this time like I did one year. It was nice cos we had some visitors - Nan and Grandad came and shared dinner then Uncle Dave came later. I've never met his 2 dogs but they smell very interesting.
I had a present! Beth gave me an interesting package. That is, it was interesting when she gave it to me. I didn't find it so interesting when she made me go past the paper.

In fact I haven't felt so stupid in a long time. Grrrr. Expecting ME, THE Millie Dog to dress up in a pathetic Father Christmas hat.

We had loads of visitors the next day too which wasn't as much fun as they included 2 of those little people so I got out of the way and spent all evening outside on my own in bed :(

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