Saturday 8 December 2007


Have you seen the weather? It's really getting on my nerves. It's been a real naff week. I haven't managed a decent walk all week as I don't like the rain any more than the bosses.
I think the she boss was going to take me to work with her one of the days as I'd been on my own alot but it was pouring and it didn't appeal to me as I'd have just had to sit in the car all day. It's cold in there when you've got wet having a walk
It hasn't been all bad though. Bobbie's he boss came to see me one evening - so exciting!!
And Beth kept me company all day yesterday. I don't know what she was doing here. She brought lots of stuff like she always does and has disappeared again now
I did have a good laugh this morning to cheer me up cos it was cleaning day. It's brilliant cos the she boss often crawls round the floor - just the right height for me to get in her face. There's always lots of bits of paper landing on the floor too to keep me busy. I had some real good card today which makes alot of fun noise for throwing around

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