Wednesday 31 December 2008

Family things

A couple of days a go I was getting ready to ask someone else if I could live with them instead. Somewhere like Halifax or something. Anywhere but here. They all forgot to feed me in the morning and I was starving. Then they all went out for a walk and didn't take me with them.
But then yesterday all made up for it. I had a brilliant walk with all my favourite aunties and uncles even if I did get left in the cold car for a while at the end while they all sat in a nice warm pub.
Then last night my friend Janet who I walk with came to see me and brought Cellusacar, at least he was called something like that. It was really nice to see them and he liked me. Apparently I was very well behaved.
I can't see there being much of a walk today. Everywhere's white and we can't see very far down across the field cos there's a cloud got in the way

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theMillieDog said...

Is that Father Christmas on holiday in the red coat?