Saturday 14 February 2009

It must be love

The she boss has cooked me something in that hot cupboard. All these years I've waited and all she ever makes smell nice in there is for everyone else but today she's made me some very tasty biscuits. I wouldn't have minded a bit more garlic though. They didn't take too long so maybe she'll be making some more when I've finished those. She must love me very much. I must think of something I can do to let her know how much I love her too. Or perhaps she knows anyway.
The little room upstairs has always looked a bit of a mess since my friend Mal came and made half of it look good. I don't know why he didn't do it all the way up the walls. Anyway, the she boss must have had enough of it looking like that cos she's put some nice paper on the other half now as well. Something about toilet paper. Or perhaps I've got the wrong idea there. I hope Mal won't mind that I didn't feel the job was finished

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