Friday 27 February 2009


The she boss has had hardly any time with me this week. I'm feeling very neglected. She took her going away bag and went away for one night for starters. Then when she came back she went out again. I don't know; I've hardly seen her and when she's here, she hardly looks at me never mind talks to me. She's just too busy. Today she was out all day again like when she goes to work only I know she didn't got there. I've got a feeling she went to see my friend Peter and I heard her saying something about radios. It seems this is what she's been up to and I've heard her AND the friend Peter coming out of the computer now It's all very confusing but I wish I could have gone. I'm really missing her and, I'm embarrassed to say, went a bit OTT when she came back tonight but I was very glad to see her and I had such a lot to tell her. I must admit though, I'm beginning to wonder if I'd be better off somewhere foreign. Halifax or somewhere.
The she boss has had a nice chat though tonight and told me about this funny guy. It can't even hop straight cos of his wiggly tail. Bit like me when I'm excited

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