Tuesday 14 April 2009


Well, considering the he and she boss don't seem to be going out to work these days, I'm not doing brilliantly for walks. I've been over the field alot with the she boss, mostly in the dark and not much more. Are they ashamed of me that we only go out at night? We went visiting to Nan and Grandad's in the dark too. That was a pretty good walk. I did take them for a really good walk today though. It was sunny, the birds were singing, the lambs were skipping. Shame about them really even if they are sweet cos when they're about, I'm not allowed to have a real good run around.
The big news though is that Bill is back in action. Remember him? I've shown you a picture before. He's not been serving up the drinks for a while but we went shopping today to buy something that made a lot of very smelly work for the she boss in the garden and now he's good again. The birds will be happy too as they like his water as well.

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