Saturday 18 April 2009


Me and the she boss have been back over some of our favourite hills today. We haven't been there in ages and it was good to be back. I was a bit edgy though. I kept hearing bangs. The she boss said she thought they were bird scarers. More like MillieDog scarers. We didn't walk as far as we used to. I think the she boss is out of practice. We had some rests where the she boss stayed a long time taking in the view. She did some writing about something for a while until I told her it was time to move. I'm sure she even dozed off at one point. So did I if it comes to that but I was getting rather tired by then. It was a real nice day.
It's been a bit strange here with comings and goings so it was good to get to something familiar. I had some visitors last night called Mark & Kathy although I don't think they came to visit me or were really that pleased to see me. Sammy went out yesterday and took nearly everything from his bedroom so I thought he wasn't coming back but he came today for a little while with a friend called Abi who was pleased to see me. I'm glad Sammy came back as I was feeling a bit sad about him taking all his things. He still seems to be friends with us all so it's not because of that that he's gone. I hope he comes again soon

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