Thursday 28 May 2009

MY garden

This just isn't fair. Just because some stupid, ugly crow youngster has decided to fall out of it's house in the big tree into my garden means that it's mum and dad won't let me out there. Every time I go out for my ablutions and other things, they have a go at me. They should have taken more care in the first place and not let him out till he could fly properly. I don't understand the attraction either. He's pretty ugly and makes a terrible racket. Only a mother could love something like that. The she boss has left the gate open to the field so he can find his way out there but I think he's too thick. After all, he could fit under the gate if he wanted to. Even I did that once. Never again though. I didn't realise how much it had hurt to squeeze underneath until I tried to come back :-s

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