Wednesday 23 September 2009

Contented sigh

I've had a fab day. I thought it was going to be naff as the she boss left me in the car in a dark place first but she wasn't long after all. Then we had a great walk in Sutton Park. I chased masses of squirrels. That'll put the wind up 'em. We met up with the she bosses friends and they sat for ages eating and drinking but I didn't mind cos there were plenty of other dogs around for me to watch. I think I saw every shape and size there can be.
She gave me a nice surprise after that as she took me to see Uncle Ted - always good for a laugh - who kindly gave me a welcome bowl of water. I had a rest in the car then while the she boss went to get some food for tea. That was my only disappointment as she forgot to get me any grapes for the journey home. When we got home, there was another nice surprise cos Sammy was there. Again! That's three times this week now. I'm pretty tired now tonight.

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