Saturday 19 September 2009

New things

That big plane the she boss wanted to see before - we both saw it today. It came right over my garden! She was right. It really is big! it didn't seem too much noisier though which was good.
Other BIG news is that the she boss has bought me a nice new bed. About time too. I inherited my old bed from a dog called Bessie who lived here before and wasn't nearly as interesting as me. She'd chewed it a bit round the edges and I didn't really mind as it was quite comforting when I came here. But that was YEARS ago now. This new one creaks a bit but it's not bad. The she boss is washing my blankets for me or I would get her to take a good picture of me in it to show you. Next time. I wonder if Gary Cat would like one? It might wave him having to sleep on that Beth & Ed's bed all the time if he had a proper one of his own.

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