Monday 9 November 2009


You just would not believe what's just happened here tonight. The door bell rang and I went with the he boss to see if it was one of our friends and there was a man there who asked the he boss if he would like to write to a dog!! He said that if he did, the dog would write back to him 4 times a year. The he boss said "No" and just shut the door. I was standing there and they both ignored me! I mean, talk about missing the obvious. No one bothers to ask me if I would like a penpal do they? Honestly, I might as well not exist sometimes. And no, I don't take sugar either in case you were thinking of bothering to ask.
I wonder if he's asked anyone if they would like to write to me. Not a lot of good with the postman not bothering to come for me to bark at lately.
PS No flashy noisy things tonight. Sigh

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