Saturday 21 November 2009


It's that cleaning up day again today. I know the he and she boss really don't like it but I do. It's good fun when the she boss is going round the floor with her cloth cos she's down on my level for me to join in and/or tease her. I think Sheila who lives by us must have known what they were doing and that they don't like it cos she came round for ages to talk and drink our coffee.
The she boss did some cleaning in our outside room even and brought in the big umbrella. She's wrapped it all up so she must think the sunshine's finished for now. I must admit, it is looking that way. It hasn't really got light today at all. Still, she tells me that it will all start getting lighter again in exactly one month's time. I must ask her how many get ups that is as I can understand that better.
I did my bit and helped with the cleaning up. The she boss shooed lots of spiders out of the big umbrella before she wrapped it up but I spotted a stingy buzzy wasp in there. She opened up all the wrapping again so I could get it before it made itself too much at home. AND I did it before they'd vacuumed the carpet so it didn't matter that I made a mess. See, I do get some things right. Also, I knew you hadn't had a picture for a long time

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