Friday 12 March 2010

Ongoing mouse tail

Still no joy. I've been trying but me and the she boss were beginning to wonder if he'd moved out. I got her to help me clean the pantry out today cos I said it was starting to get a bit smelly and she saw him! He was gone before I spotted him so I really was pretty useless today.
We thought up a few plans between us. 1. Put the hosepipe in through his front door and make a mouse size tsunamai to wash him out. Not too clever an idea because of the hall carpet out the back of his den. 2. Light something and hose the smoke in through his door. If we knew a beekeeper this could be a good plan but otherwise we decided it was probably a bit dangerous and might get rid of us as well as the mouse. 3. Call him and say "food" like they do for me. Never fails to work for me but being as he hasn't introduced himself with a name yet it's no good trying that one until he does.
The one we've gone with for now is to block off all the cracks where he might get in or out of his house except for one and put one of the little boxes with food in in front of it and hope he shuts himself inside this time.
The she boss used some really strong smelly stuff to clean out the pantry so maybe the smell will be so clean in his house now, he'll want to go and live somewhere else anyway

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