Tuesday 16 March 2010

Spring day

The she boss went for a walk with thefriendPeter yesterday and didn't take me. I just know it. She's made up for it today though and took me somewhere nice that I remember before except this time there was a scary noise of a bear or a beasty in the bushes and I tried to run back to the car but the she boss shouted at me cos she thought I wouldn't stop at the road even though I'm not really that stupid and she made me go on the lead for a while to look after her so the beasty wouldn't get her and let me off again later but I didn't like to go very far from her in case it got scary again and she was still walking funny and got slower and slower but I didn't mind cos it was just nice to be out in the air blowing and the sun shining and the birds singing and the stream babbling. Big contented sigh

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