Saturday 26 March 2011

The colour purple

The she boss put some very purple slippers in the bin which I rescued. They were too good for that and made some good fun for me to play with and were VERY tasty. Only thing is, I'm very embarrassed about the effect. I've been doing purple poos. The he boss rubs it in and keeps telling everyone and saying the dreaded words which I don't like so I slink out of the room looking very guilty. I'm not really sure why I should feel guilty though but it's yet another sound that sends shivers down my spine.
We went to the park yesterday but I didn't like it. There were scary noises again and I wanted to go back but the she boss wouldn't let me. There's scary noises everywhere these days. The she boss says I'm getting angryphobia and if I'm not careful I'll never go further than my garden. That doesn't feel a bad idea to me at the moment. Although Sammy's come today and had the nerve to say I look fatter!! I've been on Dukan for a long time as well so it obviously doesn't work.
Anyway, I think I've done them all a favour with the purple poos. At least you can see them easy for clearing up for me or just not treading in them. Wonder if they do glow in the dark slippers?

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