Sunday 3 April 2011

And the bride wore red shoes!

It's been a strange sort of week. First the she boss went off really early when I wasn't looking with lots of bags and all her knitting and didn't come back for days and days! The he boss looked after me great and took me lots of walks until that Beth arrived here early one day. I thought that was it until they both cleared off and left me all on my own the next day. They'd taken lots of bags as well so I was pretty worried but thankfully theFriendPeter must have realised I was lonely and unhappy and came to have one of his holidays with me. It was nice except he keeps sleeping but he did take me out in his car to a new shop and also to see some new people. Their house had some new interesting smells and tastes.
I'm really glad though that the he and she boss have come back tonight and theFriendPeter cooked them some nice tea. Apparently it was all something to do with Samz and Abz and they've got themselves dressed up in lots of fancy clothes and got married! Another Mr and Mrs. And Abzy wore RED shoes!!! Whatever next? Is that allowed?

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