Monday, 12 March 2012

Bad walk

This is me on what was supposed to be an enjoyable walk. I was sort of looking forward to it although a bit nervous. I'm always happy to have a trip out in the car with the he and she boss anyway. It didn't take long though once we were out of the car for the scary bangs and other noises to start. We walked, or I was dragged, a long way for hours. This was at lunch time. I usually hang around to watch for anyone dropping tasty bits but I spent all the time trying to fit under this bridge to hide instead. Boy was I happy to be back in the car and thought we'd never get there. We met some other dogs who didn't seem bothered but I must say I wasn't very interested in speaking to them.
I heard the he boss saying it wasn't worth taking me out anywhere but the she boss sensibly said I need new smells every day even if I don't want to go far. Truth be known, I'm perfectly happy with my field and the odd car ride or two.

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