Saturday 2 June 2012


Well we did it and this is where we went.  It wasn't blue sky like that all the time and it was raining when we put the flappy house away. I left the he and she boss to get on with it while I kept in the warm and dry of the car.
I think I liked it there. Some bad things were the stones on the beach which made my ankle sore again and the other dogs there who were running around and not sensible like me. They even dared to try and come in my tent! I wasn't having any of that.
I was a bit scared of the loud planes that went over and the train going by to start with but neither happened very often and I got used to it.
A baby robin came to see me in my house today. He didn't seem very happy about it though and was trying to get out. I went and told the she boss and she helped him. Shame he didn't want to stay and chat

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