Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Big fright

I've had a great walk today around Sutton Park which was great with lots of running, lots of squirrels, rabbits and water at the right times when I needed a paddle and a drink. I haven't had that good a run in ages. I'm going to be stiff tomorrow.
We stopped for a cuppa and there were quite a few other dogs there with their he and she bosses. I was the best behaved of the lot. They were all pretty rowdy and arguing with anyone new who came along. It was all perfect until the she boss got up to go. I thought she'd untied me from her chair but she hadn't so when I went to get going as well the chair followed me and tried to wrap itself round me. The faster I ran, the more it bashed me over the head. I was really scared and the she boss had to run fast to catch me and untie the chair. Soooo embarrassing.

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