Sunday 13 January 2013

Too cold for MillieDogs

It's gone proper cold here. I'm not very keen to go out on the field with the wind coming across and try to tell the she boss but she's having none of it and drags me out there. I've met other dogs out there who feel the same but these bosses are VERY bossy.
The she boss has been kind to the birds though and has been putting lots of seeds and fresh water out for them. She even nicked some of the peanuts in shells from the he boss and put a string through them to hang up just like when she was little. Birds these days don't know any of this old stuff though and don't seem to know what to do with it. Even the squirrel hasn't been interested. Just like the little people in the playgrounds having to be taught how to play the old games as they've forgotten them all while they've watched TV and played on their gameboys.

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