Monday 16 July 2007

Of mice and dogs

That's been a nice weekend. Wasn't it lovely to have the sunshine yesterday? (shame about today). I took the she boss and Sammy for a good walk last night and showed Sammy a new place that we've found. I think he was impressed. Ed and Beth had been to see me as well and spent a long time in the garden with me and the she boss.
The she boss caught a mouse in our sun lounge today. I think a few have been living there for a while and I don't mind. They all go to make life interesting. Anyway, she'd brought one of those mousemane mouse traps home. We've had them before. The last ones, the mice ate their way out of. The one before that, she forgot to check and the mouse died of starvation/suffocation/loneliness. So much for being kind. He'd have been better off having his neck broken in a snap trap but we never know how our end will come.
This time she got it right. He looked like good fun to play with but she wouldn't let me. Instead, we took it out in the car!!!! I'm not sure how much the she boss had thought that one through but what about if it got out of the trap while we were on the move - or when we were stationary in the car for that matter! We drove half a mile to the secure mental health unit for young people and women and let it out on their drive! I hope he doesn't have any ill effects. I'd hate him to find his way back having picked up any disturbances. For a worrying minute, we thought he would decide it was better to hop back in the car than face the rain that was pouring down. I wonder where he is now? And I wonder if we'll get any more. I notice the she boss has sacrificed another Malteser as bait. But I know her game - one for the mouse, 3 for her. And all I get is a couple of yeast tablets or grapes. Still it's all food and better than mushrooms or sprouts. Yuk

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