Friday 13 July 2007


Alright, I know. I said I don't really do TV but did any of you see The Elephant Man the other night? (I would have posted this before but our internet's been down :(. It was really good but very sad. What was good about it was that I could see it and sat and watched it with my family and friend Peter. I don't understand what they're usually looking at and am only interested if I can hear some animal friends but I could see this one. They thought it was something to do with black & white or something. Don't know what they meant. I think they had all seen it before as they kept giving away what happened next which was most annoying. I did give out some dirty looks but they didn't take the hint.
I liked that Elephant Man and would have been his friend if i'd have met him. I would have looked after him and kept the bad people away from him better than that doctor guy did. i wonder if they have elephant dogs?

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