Monday 26 November 2007

Day off

Well, what a fab day. Good weekend too if it comes to that. I had loads of visitors - Beth & Ed coming and going at all times of day and night, friendPeter who appreciated some attention from me and even Candice came to see me!
Then today, I had the she and he boss to myself all day and we went for a long walk over Sutton Park - highly recommended - with loads of rabbits and squirrels to chase although I wasn't quite so sure about the horses wandering around.
I think the she boss tricked me this morning. Whenever I hear her get her pills out I take a seat in the kitchen and wait for mine. I quite like mine - yeast or something but today when I thought that was what I was getting, she gave me a big white one instead. I wasn't going to eat it cos it tasted nasty but then she chased me. I thought she wanted it back so it must have been something worth having. I made sure I swallowed it before she got chance to pinch it back. She's been known to take things out of my mouth before now even!! Not many would dare to do that. It seems like she was quite happy for me to swallow it after all. Something to do with the itchy bum I've had I believe

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