Saturday 2 February 2008


What a flippin pants morning. It's bad enough that the she boss gets that noisy sucky thing out that I don't like but then she did other stuff to upset me. You know those big white cupboards that hum and you keep tasty food in? Well, ours stopped humming today. The she boss had taken all the food out and shut it in the garage out of reach and then left it open. I thought it was OK as I could drink the water in the bottom and eat the cold hard bits until one fell on my head. I got a bit scared of it then as it kept making noises when I was least expecting it every time another bit fell down. I'd have liked to have hidden in the house somewhere but then little person Sara came round so it was too scary to be inside as well. What's a dog supposed to do? The she boss ended up letting me in the other room from where Sara was so I hid in there out of the way of everyone and everything.
They've all gone out this afternoon to let me have some peace and quiet.

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