Wednesday 6 February 2008

In trouble again

Something's not right and I don't understand it at all. The she boss keeps going to sleep here, there and everywhere. She's not playing with me when I ask either. It's not like her at all. I hope she gets back to normal soon. They all forgot to feed me this morning. Beth's been here this week and she's been remembering but I think she was in a hurry today. That's the trouble with having black fur. No one notices you're there although I do my best to make my presence known.
Tonight the he and she boss had eaten dinner and then left one for me on the table. I'm never allowed to eat until they've finished and I know they always feed me out by my bed but I assumed this one was for me to make up for the morning especially as it was so nice. I must have got something wrong as I seem to be in real trouble. I sat up nicely at the table to eat it. Maybe it was because I didn't bother with the knife and fork they left me. I wasn't too sure about drinking my water out of the narrow glass either

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