Saturday 16 February 2008

New house

I've been to live in a different house for a week. I think I've been there before with the he boss and Beth but I was very young then. This time all five of us went. It's a brilliant place with great walks down to the beach every day as long as the cows don't get in the way on the field on the way there.
I slept upstairs the first night to make sure they were all OK up there but there was a nice cosy space for me that I remembered from before in Sammy's room so he let me sleep in there after that. This is the view on the first couple of days from the room upstairs:

You can see the horses I went over the wall to say hello to but got told off.
It's good having all of us cos everyone has a go at driving which means I get to sit by someone different every time.
We went to the theatre by the sea and I had a practice at being the exhibit on the empty plinth in London. I think I'd make a good work of art:
We saw some great sunsets and went for walks high above the sea to sit and watch some of them. I must admit, I was more interested in the rabbit smells but I did have a quick look: One day, they took me to a place with lots of other dogs and left me all day!! They went in one of those cars that go in the sky. I know because I saw them waving out of the window. I'm glad I didn't go on there with them but I was really scared where they left me. The other dogs did alot of barking and it got late. I was worried they might not come back to me although the man was very kind and gave me a walk. One of the mornings, we all walked down to the beach and we had breakfast there! That was a novelty. I like the beach very much and have some good run rounds. It's good job as sometimes, I had to wait quite a while in the car for them to come back if we went somewhere but I was usually glad to have a good sleep after a walk. Here's me on the beach:
And on one of my long walks. That sandy beach has always had stones all over it the he and she boss said when they've been here before:
And this was me at Land's End. The man there wouldn't let me go and have my photo taken properly so this was the best we could do:
One evening, we went to eat dinner with Estella and Paul which was really nice as I don't see them very often. I can see why now if they live all that way away. I was very excited to see them and embarrassed myself by keeping on falling over on their slippy floor like a baby.
One day we had a long drive to somewhere I got left in the car again but we saw Jenny who came to the she bosses party and her boy Cameron who came to our house once. It was worth waiting in the car to see them. They'd been round some sort of garden centre by the sound of it so I didn't miss much.

I really liked it down by the sea side and am a bit sad to come home again especially as it is so cold here. We had a lot of fun and it was good having all of us together. I hope we go to the beach again soon but I would like to live in the flappy thing next time instead of a house.

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