Thursday 13 November 2008

Strange walkies

Well that was the strangest walk the she boss has ever taken me on yet. Instead of nice fields and grass, we walked all round the shops and other places where all the people go. I never realised how many people like shops at night. There was this markety thing with lots of nice smells and pretty lights.

We didn't hang around there though. We kept stopping to talk to lots of people and gave them sandwiches and cups of coffee. They were really friendly and liked me lots. Some of them had other dogs with them too and we were all very well behaved.
When we got back to the car, who should we see but my friend Robin. He makes nice clothes called Sacclothanashes that the she boss and Sammy like. I haven't seen him in aaggeess and boy, were we pleased to see each other. He smells different from last time. I think he's got a little person at home now.

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