Friday 13 March 2009

Better now

Well, I've stopped coughing at last. I can sleep in peace now. It seems to be since the he and she boss have been dropping things out of the rattly bottle on the floor for me to run off with but that seems a strange co-incidence. I've stopped coughing but they're still dropping them so it can't really be connected
Me and the she boss were wondering something today. You know when they're mending big buildings and things they wrap them up like presents? Here's a church by us that they've done.
There was a big fire there that woke me up one morning a couple of years ago and they've wrapped it up while they're making it all nice again. But how do they do it? We've never seen it happen. One day there's a bare building and the next it's all wrapped up! Does anyone know? And what happens if it's windy? Can they still do it? Hey up there in Halifax - do they wrap you're buildings up as well? Does it happen everywhere?

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