Saturday 28 March 2009

Getting re-acquainted

After a really boring week, I've had a pretty interesting day. Apart from waiting for the she boss and that Beth for rather a long time while they went round the shops. Why is it they never let me go with them? I'd be very good. AND I'd have given an honest opinion on the dresses they were trying out. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. It's something to do with weddings and that Beth and Edward. I do hear say that I'm not allowed there either. However, I went to see a friend today called Claire that I'd nearly forgotten about. Me and the she boss met her once when we'd gone to live in the flappy house for a while. She wasn't there today but was in a very nice place that she said I could go and sleep over at while everyone else goes to see that Beth in a white dress. That sounds like a good idea to me and I'll enjoy seeing her again. She was nice to me. It would be nicer still if we were in the flappy house though.

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