Monday 9 March 2009


I heard the she boss say I must be OCD. Mmmm One Cute Dog? One Clever Dog? Must be one of those. She said it when she was talking about me looking out for squirrels. I spend a lot of time at our back window so cute (with my ears up) or clever must match somewhere.
I've still been coughing so she took me to see the doctor tonight. I saw a nice lady who was very kind and I behaved well for her. She didn't do anything too nasty and she gave me a little rattly bottle. I don't know what was in it but the she boss dropped something out of it on the floor tonight and I nicked it. I wasn't sure it tasted too good but I ate it anyway. Especially as the she boss chased me to try and get it back. Not a chance
The nice doctor said I'd got a throw infection. I've never had one of those before. I've never been bothered about going after things that people throw for me. Squirrels are much more interesting. I wonder if that's why it's ended up infected

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