Sunday 24 January 2010

Travels (everyone else)

The she boss left me for ages - days, weeks even. I thought that was it but last night, who should walk in the door with lots of smelly washing, but her. What a relief. I missed my cuddles. Not that the he boss did a bad job of looking after me. I've had lots of walks and he didn't forget to feed me once.
The she boss said she went somewhere pretty cold with lots of snow and had a go at getting down the hills very fast. I'm not sure she did it very well. It would have been nice if she'd have taken me instead or as well as our friend Jane.
I hear Gary Cat's given himself a holiday too. He should have told that Beth and Ed he was going though cos they were very upset and worried. He's marched back in as though nothing ever happened today though. I'll have to have a word.

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