Friday 12 February 2010

Malvern Hills

The he boss took me and the she boss to my favourite hills today. Well, that has never happened before or not for a very long time. It was so nice to be back. Only thing was, because the she boss still keeps walking funny, she wasn't going to go anywhere very far on that leg so she turned round to go back which I didn't like. Then there were all these bangy scary noises so I decided to go back to the car as well. I did get dragged up for a bit of a run but I wasn't very happy considering where I was. Someone always comes along and spoils things don't they?
It gave me some time for thinking though and I've thought of something else that I will stand up for if you vote for me: NHS for dogs. I don't cost anyone too much money but as I get older I might so it would help the he and she boss out a bit.
I'm feeling the cold this winter and there's been a lot of it. I think it's because I am getting a bit older now. I've asked the she boss to knit me a nice warm coat in time for next winter cos I think I'll really need it then.

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