Saturday 6 February 2010


I've been reading with the she boss that they'll be looking for someone else soon to run things here. I've thought of putting my name up for the job. I promise to do my duty to God and the queen and not ask for more money than I need.
I will stand up for things like; lots of green spaces for dogs and little people, he and she bosses to make sure it's all nice and clean there and on the street after dogs have had walks there, he and she bosses to make sure that their dogs are kind to each other, squirrels to be banned from gardens so the birds can eat the nuts themselves, cats to all wear bells so they can't catch the birds, big people to be nice to each other to show little people how to do it, people to not say 'Jesus Christ' when it's not meant to be said, big and little people to put all their rubbish where it's supposed to go and all dogs to get proper big walks every day unless they're poorly bad. I'll think of more but is there anything else you'd like me to sort out for you?

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