Saturday 15 May 2010

Lovely break from the house

We had a lovely time. The she boss took me back to my old favourite campsite It was a bit cold but we enjoyed it anyway. The she boss was kind and tucked me in under a blanket at night to keep me warm and it worked.
The only thing that was bad was that a loud bang kept happening. The she boss said it was a bird scarer but I think it was a MillieDog scarer. The cows across the river didn't seem too keen either. I went and hid in the car when I first heard it but I got a bit better. That's me hiding in the picture.
We went on some brill walks over my second favourite hills and the she boss managed good although she got a bit slower towards the end of a long one we did.
There was hardly anyone else around anywhere except for one lady who looked in the door when I was helping the she boss wash up. When I say helping, I mean I'm the quality controller she says. The lady said something and when the she boss said 'hello' she said "sorry, I thought you were the other lady!" I'm not that good at numbers but if she's one lady, the she boss is another and she thinks there's only one other that makes 3 in the world and even I know there's a lot more than that. For a start, there's all the ones who come to our house or we go out to meet. I think she needs to get out more and make some friends.

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