Friday 21 May 2010

Garden nature reserve

That's us! We've got a nature reserve in our garden with lots of pets for me to play with and watch. I like frogs although they're not too keen on this hot, dry weather and hide from me.
The she boss caught a little mouse this morning. I can't take any credit this time. She took it out in the car instead of me which was a bit insulting but I notice she didn't come back with it. I hope it's found somewhere as nice as ours to live.
I like the little brown dunnocky birds that come on our decking to say hello and hop round our feet. They sing very sweetly too. They felt relaxed enough with us yesterday that they were nookying and making eggs even right near us! I hope they bring their little family to see us when they've all hatched out.
The squirrels are keeping out of the way at the moment. YES. I must have won that one. The one I had cornered must have passed on the message that I've got teeth. If the she boss hadn't let him out, I'd have got him.
I now need to win against those noisy black birds that dive down on me when I go down the garden. They're nasty but I have a proper go back at them and jump very high on my springy legs even though I'm getting older. I learnt a lot from watching Sammy all those years slam dunking.
My field is very pretty too with lots of white fluffy flowers, fairies flying everywhere and other little yellow and white flowers. The she boss wouldn't let me run round today though. I think it's because it's really hot. I'm glad she's sensible. We all need a sensible somebody around.

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