Thursday 7 October 2010

Exciting day out

I've had a really nice day. The she boss took me on a  904. Well that's what she called it but I'm sure she called it something different like buzz when I went on one before a long time back. It's a bit like the caterpillar train I went on ages ago but bumpier and I was glad I had the she boss's knees to steady myself against. I didn't know where we were going and thought it was going to be boring cos she left me tied up while she went in a shop first and there were lots of other shops too. When she came back we did a bit more walking over a hill but just a road hill, not nice and grassy with rabbits. I had a nice surprise though cos we went to see Uncle Ted. He was pleased to see me and I was really pleased to see him. I did a bit of clearing up for him around his kitchen floor then Aunty Joy came and I went another walk with her and the she boss. This time it was real good and I got to have a brilliant run in Sutton Park. I've been there lots but not for a while. The she boss sat talking and eating for ages with Aunty Joy and I was tied up lonesomely for a while like this but not for too long. It's been really good but I got a bit cold by the fence after running. The she boss is thinking of buying me my own coat for when the very cold weather comes

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