Saturday 16 July 2011

And the he boss came too

Chilling by the river
 We did it! We went back to the place I lived with the she boss in the flappy house and took the he boss with us. He loved it too. We showed him all the nice walks and some more and did a lot of chilling as well.
Now the he boss has seen how nice it is in the flappy house I think he'll want to come again especially if we go there again.
I was expecting theFriendPeter to come and see us again but he didn't which was very disappointing but we weren't there as many nights this time.
Flea's eye view of Chee Dale
This time we had LOADS of sunshine but today, now we're back at home the clouds have been bucketing down on me so I stayed in when the he and she boss went out. What a surprise I had when Sammy and Abimaro turned up at home. I can't say I was too happy as I wanted the she and he boss back. I was missing them after being with them all the time for 3 days. I told Sammy and Abimaro I wasn't happy but I'm not sure they understood. They just thought I'd fallen out with them.

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