Friday 29 July 2011


Life's not been too exciting since my flappy house holiday with both she and he boss. Quite a few friends have been to see me but they've come and gone quite quickly. I did go and see Uncle John with the she boss and had a rummage round his garden and did a poo for him in case he's forgotten that's what dog's do since Bobby left him.
Nathan's been to see us as well. He told all the wasps to go away, puffed some magic smoke and they did! I must try that myself next time. Save him a trip.
Today's been pretty good cos I went for a long, long walk over my favourite hills with the he and she boss. It's been really summery lately but today it was cloudy and mizzly. I got very wet but we didn't get too hot. There were LOADS of spider webs and they looked very pretty although we didn't see any spiders

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